Tools of the Trade: Saga Age of the Wolf Roster Sheet

I’ve found that, with a little bit of work, Google Sheets can be a great tool for managing wargaming campaigns. With the kickoff of our Saga Age of the Wolf campaign at Metropolitan Wargamers, I decided to take what I had learned from a recent Frostgrave campaign and design a Google Sheet to track our progress.

VisiCalc on an Apple IIe

Using a Google Sheet as opposed to just printing out the roster sheets was inspired by this passage in the Age of of the Wolf rules, “At the heart of the campaign is the roster. It records all the information you will need for each SAGA game the campaign generates for you. It is important that the roster is kept up to date and clear, It is not a secret document, any players involved in the campaign can see another player’s roster if they like.”

You can see the results along with some basic usage information here. Feel free to make a copy and use it for your own campaigns.

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