More Tales from the Frozen City: Vororte

The Great Northern Inn
While I don’t pay a lot of Games Workshop games, I appreciate the level of effort they put into their settings. Being a fan of fantasy RPGs and skirmish wargames, I’m particularly fond of Mordheim and especially the apocrypha and detail developed over the run of Town Cryer magazine.

The locations, scenarios, warbands and more described in the pages of Town Cryer brought so much narrative context to the game. Even though the action at the table could be a dice-driven slugfest, you really had a sense of the place in which that slugfest was taking place.

I’ve been playing Frostgrave since it came out. And, while it aims to do something different than the Mordheims of the world by only providing a vague sense of setting, there’s something to be said for that as well as it gives the players room to tell their own stories.

Here’s one such story that I wrote about Vororte, a small settlement just outside the South Gate of Felstad.

Without further ado…

Not all fled when Felstad froze. In the villages south of the city, some remained to scratch out an existence in the frozen ground. The North was the only home they had ever known and fleeing to the South was not an option.

Centuries passed, and, while the Northfolk did not flourish, they also did not falter. In the South, they became the stuff of legend like the Frozen City itself.

When the thaw began and the Wizards returned, some saw an opportunity to rise above a hard life of mere subsistence. At first, this took the form of leading the Wizards and their retainers into the ruins. Those that made it back out were then put up in makeshift boarding houses to recuperate and plan their next forays into the city.

More wizards arrived, increasing the need for guides and accommodations. The Wizards who remained also needed supplies and hirelings to replace those who perished in the ruins of Frostgrave.

Many of the Northfolk became discontented with the seemingly endless stream of Wizards and unsavory retainers who had come to flood the villages. Recognizing this, a particularly enterprising Northman by the name of Yezdan saw an opportunity to continue to better his fortunes.

While leading expeditions into Felstad, Yezdan observed that Vororte, a small settlement just outside the south gate, was in a considerably better state of repair than the city itself. He teamed up with Kertner, a hedge Wizard who arrived with the first wave and kept Yezdan on retainer as his principal guide, to transform Vororte into a bustling base of operations for those who ventured into the ruins.

The Northfolk who relocated to Vororte to work in the inns and shops are the hardest bitten of their lot, willing to do most anything for a few gold crowns. Combine that with the temperaments of the adventurers, professional soldiers, thieves, thugs and zealots who make up the Wizards’ expedtionaries, and you have the foulest district this side of the Black Den of Amarantos.

The next step will be to name and more fully describe the homebases from Frostgrave as these make up the majority of the buildings in Vororte. I’ll post the results here to Little Wars when I get around to it.

As always, I’m happy to field comments and questions over on Twitter

Creating a Frostgrave Warband

This was originally posted over at the Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City Meetup group…

One of the great things about Frostgrave is how easy and affordable it is to put together a warband. Nick Eyre’s Northstar Military Figures produces official miniatures which are very reasonably priced. That said, you can use any 25/28mm figures that you’d like. This is made even easier by the lack of any particular basing rules. Best of all, the figure count is low — a wizard, and apprentice and eight or so soldiers.

Have some Warhammer Fantasy figures that have been collecting dust since the Age of Sigmar began? Use those!

Have yet another box of minis from yet another Reaper Bones Kickstarter? Use those!

If you prefer the official figures, I recommend ordering from Brigade Games in New Jersey.

If this is your first foray into miniature wargaming, the Army Painter Hobby Set from Neal at The War Store out on Long Island gets you most everything you need to build and paint your warband in one handy box.

Finally, there are a few great resources out there for building your warband. The first is the Frostrgrave Roster from Battle Tortoise. The second is BattleScribe. Finally, If you’re anything like us and find yourself building more warbands than you know what to do with, then both these will prove useful.

Frostgrave: State of Play and Contest!

Joseph McCullough, creator of Frostgrave, published a state of play post over at his blog the Renaissance Troll earlier this week. You can check it out here.

The gist of it is that, as a result of strong sales, critical acclaim and, most importantly, community support, there’s lots of Frostgrave material to come. He’s even been commissioned by Osprey Games to write a “Frostgrave related product”. Good news all around!

Joe’s giving away two Frostgrave Gift Packs. So head over and follow Joe or comment on his post for a chance to win.

Frostgrave Gnickstarter Into the Breeding Pits

The third Frostgrave Nickstarter launches today, complete with a clever alternate spelling — Gnickstarter as in gnolls. It’s a great way to get into the game and preorder the newest rules supplement Into the Breeding Pits as well as all the new figures. Check it out at Brigade Games here.

New Frostgrave Meetup Group

I love Frostgrave but just don’t get to play it enough. We tried to get a big campaign going at Metropolitan Wargamers, but it fizzled out after a few weeks.

As a result, I’ve started the Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City Meetup group. If you’re anywhere near Brooklyn, NY and would like to get together and play some Frostgrave, you should join up.

I’ve had success with Meetup in the past when trying to get people together to play Cubicle 7’s excellent The One Ring Roleplaying Game. Hopefully, the same will hold with Frostgrave.