Backstory: Star Trek Adventures

My good friend and frequent gaming companion Marco Rafalá wrote a mission for the These are the Voyages: Volume 1 supplement for Modiphius’ new Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game. So, when he asked if I’d like to start a Star Trek Adventures campaign, I enthusiatcially said, “Yes!”


Backstory: Glirhuin

Glirhuin is my character for a recently kicked-off The One Ring Darkening of Mirkwood campaign. He is a Woodman of Wilderland and named after a seer and harp-player mentioned briefly in the Silmarillion.

The opening paragraph is a riff on the Fairy Heritage background from The One Ring core rulebook.

Glirhuin’s harp is inspired by this excellent painting by Stefan Meisl.

It was said that Glirhuin’s mother, Idril, was as fair-skinned and dark-haired as the Elf-maiden Luthien Tinuviel and that his father, Berengar, spirited her away from the Wood of Sorcery far in the South. Growing up, Glirhuin often doubted that this was true as there was nothing sorcerous in her true love for him and his father. True love aside, her sharp senses seemed to bring her a deep and abiding grief. She departed one spring morning after Glirhuin had grown into manhood, never to return. His father will not discuss it with him to this day, saying only that she has departed Wilderland, and he should not expect her to return.

Glirhuin travels across the Land of the Woodmen working as a guide, shepherd, and, when the need arises, a warden driving spiders and other fell creatures back into the shadows of the forest. He is never without his traveling harp on which he plays Elven ballads and lays that he learned from his mother and, more recently, from Wayward Elves on nights spent beneath the eaves of the forest gazing at the stars above.

Glirhuin seeks the company of the Wayward Elves of Mirkwood often and has become close with one of their number named Belegorn. He and Glirhuin spend days walking the eaves of the forest singing songs and telling tales of the earlier ages of Middle-earth when the alliances of Elves and Men wrought deeds of great valor. They’re particularly fond of the Lays of Beleriand as they pertain to Beleg Strongbow and Turin Turambar fighting orcs in the northern marches of Doriath.

Glirhuin was born and raised an only child in Woodmen-town and returns to spend his winters there with his father. The rumors and gossip surrounding his mother kept Glirhuin from having many close friends.

Evoric, his friend since childhood, was the one exception. The two remained close into adulthood and regularly traveled and worked together until Evoric went missing early in the Spring of 2947. His body was found weeks later at the bottom of the Well of Tears by Glirhuin himself. That discovery has cast a shadow on Glirhuin.