Creating a Frostgrave Warband

This was originally posted over at the Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City Meetup group…

One of the great things about Frostgrave is how easy and affordable it is to put together a warband. Nick Eyre’s Northstar Military Figures produces official miniatures which are very reasonably priced. That said, you can use any 25/28mm figures that you’d like. This is made even easier by the lack of any particular basing rules. Best of all, the figure count is low — a wizard, and apprentice and eight or so soldiers.

Have some Warhammer Fantasy figures that have been collecting dust since the Age of Sigmar began? Use those!

Have yet another box of minis from yet another Reaper Bones Kickstarter? Use those!

If you prefer the official figures, I recommend ordering from Brigade Games in New Jersey.

If this is your first foray into miniature wargaming, the Army Painter Hobby Set from Neal at The War Store out on Long Island gets you most everything you need to build and paint your warband in one handy box.

Finally, there are a few great resources out there for building your warband. The first is the Frostrgrave Roster from Battle Tortoise. The second is BattleScribe. Finally, If you’re anything like us and find yourself building more warbands than you know what to do with, then both these will prove useful.