And, He’s Off… Finally

This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Blog on January 10, 2017.

Our 2016 addition to the family added to both the enjoyment and exhaustion of the holidays. After an equally exhausting week back at work, I’ve finally returned to my nightly painting habit.

I thought I was going to start with something from my historical backlog – French Regulars for the French and Indian War or American Airborne for WWII. However, a recent game of Cubicle 7’s Adventures in Middle-earth has got me painting Dwarves. This figure is from the Games Workshop Dwarf Rangers box.

I call him Borri the whittler after an NPC from The Eaves of Mirkwood scenario for Adventures in Middle-earth. I have his friends Snorri the smith and Hár the stone mason on the bench. I’ll post them in the next day or so.