I've been collecting North American woodland animals recently both for use in scenarios for Long Rifle and as hidden movement markers for Muskets & Tomahawks. After purchasing and painting a few packs of Reaper Bones animal companions, which include a badger, bear, cougar, hawk, and wolf, I decided that I needed some deer.

A post on Lead Adventure or TMP clued me into the fact that Warbases makes an excellent set of red deer (more on that some other time). After adding said deer to my cart and calculating shipping to the states, I decided I should probably add a few other things to my order to make use of the shipping rate.

I'd come across the Warbases palisades pieces when looking for a wall for the new The Burh scenario from Saga Age of the Wolf. I ended up going with some resin pieces instead after reading that the wall for that particular scenario was only supposed to be chest high. I came across the Warbases blockhouse around the same time which, while not as nice as 4Ground's model, is very affordable at only £10.

Both the palisades and blockhouse are made of laser cut MDF. The designs are simple but effective. They ship without instructions nor are there instructions to be found on the Warbases website. That said, the palisades are a very straightforward build, and the blockhouse, while a bit of a head scratcher at first, comes together easily once you get going.

I ended up inking my blockhouse with Coat D'Arms Ink Wash Brown and drybrushing with gray, green and light brown. It looks ok on the bench, I think. The real test will be when I get it on the table for a game. Here's a couple of shots of the end result.

I'll be working on the palisades next. I'll post pictures once they're done.

From there, the goal will be to use my newly completed blockhouse and palisades in a Fort McCord / Sideling Hill mini campaign. More on that as it develops.

By the way, you can check out the fine offerings from Warbases here.

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