This is the second year in a row that my wife and daughters have traveled down to Georgia and Florida to visit the girls' grandparents. So, I'm continuing the tradition of this post and dubbing the time they're away as JamoCon2017 2 Plus. Here's the list of festivities.

  • Wednesday, June 21 - Muskets & Tomahawks
  • Friday, June 23 - This Very Ground
  • Saturday, June 24 - Tales from the Loop
  • Sunday, June 25 - Wilderness War
  • Monday, June 26 - Robert E. Howard's Conan
  • Wednesday, June 28 - Metropolitan Wargamers D&D Campaign Kickoff
  • Friday, June 30 - Robert E. Howard's Conan

Looks like I'm on track to tie February's installment of JamoCon2017 in number of games played. I'll also be trying to make some headway on the American Civil War and French and Indian War miniatures projects that I have going on.

You can follow along on Twitter here.

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